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Raw Smoky Quartz SQ1

Raw Smoky Quartz SQ1

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Introducing our stunning Raw Smoky Quartz Crystal. 

This Raw Smoky Quartz Crystal is a natural wonder, displaying a deep, rich brown color that is characteristic of this powerful healing crystal. It has a rough and textured exterior, showcasing the raw power and ruggedness of nature.

Smoky Quartz is known to be a powerful grounding and protective crystal, providing a sense of calm and stability to the mind. It is believed to promote emotional healing, remove negative energy, and help to alleviate stress and anxiety. This Raw Smoky Quartz Crystal is perfect for those seeking to enhance their meditation practices or simply bring more positive energy into their homes.

Our crystals come in a variety of sizes, with each one featuring its own unique and captivating characteristics. Whether you're an avid collector or just looking for a stunning decorative piece, this Raw Smoky Quartz Crystal is sure to impress.


Do not let Smoky Quartz sit in the sun all day as it, like most Quartz stones, will fade due to the UV rays in sunlight.

This crystal weighs 106g

You will receive the exact crystal pictured

Ethically sourced from Brazil

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