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Silverfern Crystals

Raw Clear Quartz RQ10

Raw Clear Quartz RQ10

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Uncover the beauty of Clear Quartz crystals, ancient gems that have enraptured civilizations for centuries. Their captivating transparency radiates pure energy, saturating your space with serenity and equilibrium. A source of unparalleled potency, Clear Quartz boosts mental clarity, intuition, and harmony. Own a timelessly elegant piece of history and tap into its profound power.

Discover the timeless tales of folklore that hail Clear Quartz as a source of spiritual enlightenment. Ancient civilizations revered its metaphysical properties, believing it could bridge the earthly and divine realms and could allow access to the wisdom of the ages. The "Master Healer" cleanses and purifies, leading many on a quest for holistic wellness. Let this radiant gem empower your spiritual journey – an invaluable investment in the pursuit of peace and clarity.




Clear Quartz


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Ethically Sourced

Ethically sourced from Madagascar

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