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Silverfern Crystals

Blue Labradorite Freeform LF8

Blue Labradorite Freeform LF8

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In the heart of a moonlit forest, nestled amidst ancient, whispering trees, there lies a hidden treasure, a Blue Labradorite Freeform Crystal that seems to hold the secrets of the cosmos. Its beguiling shades of blue are reminiscent of the serene lakes where legends of old speak of ethereal beings who danced upon the water's surface.

In the Blue Labradorite Freeform Crystal, we find a treasure rediscovered from the annals of ancient folklore. It's not just a crystal; it's an emotional journey, a portal to the mysteries of time, and a companion on your path of self-discovery. Add this mesmerizing gem to your collection and let the legends of old guide your journey. It's more than a crystal; it's a piece of history, a whisper from the past, and a beacon of transformation. Embrace the enchantment, and let your spirit dance upon the cosmic waters with the Blue Labradorite Freeform Crystal.


ca. 7.5cm tall


Natural Labradorite


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Ethically Sourced

Ethically sourced from Madagascar

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