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Natural Citrine Tower NCT5

Natural Citrine Tower NCT5

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Natural citrine is a treasured gemstone that shines with a spectrum of warm, golden tones - from pale yellow to deep amber. Rich with the power of the sun, quartz with traces of iron is found in its raw, earth-formed beauty. Throughout history, citrine has been held in high regard for its purported metaphysical abilities and has been used in jewelry, talismans, and amulets believed to bring abundance, prosperity, and joy. Adored by many, citrine was celebrated by ancient cultures and linked to deities of the sun as a potent symbol of fortune.

Embark on a journey through centuries of folklore that celebrates citrine as a harbinger of good fortune. Across ancient cultures, this golden gem has been revered as a symbol of the sun's energy, believed to usher in prosperity and success. Imagine adorning yourself with a piece of history, as citrine was once used in intricate carvings and talismans to attract joy and happiness. Make this timeless connection to the past a part of your present by embracing the undeniable allure of natural citrine—a gem that not only graces you with its beauty but infuses your life with the positive vibrations of abundance and success. Elevate your personal collection and step into a world where the magic of citrine awaits to enhance your journey.


ca. 8.5cm tall


Natural Citrine


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Ethically Sourced

Ethically sourced from Madagascar


Do not let Citrine sit in the sun all day, as Citrine, like most Quartz stones, will fade due to the UV rays in sunlight

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