Ethical Sourcing

One of the most important concerns when it comes to crystals and gemstones is ethical mining and sourcing.

With crystals becoming more and more popular, you will start seeing them more frequently in fast-fashion shops or low-priced online retail shops, as well as more and more crystal shops popping up online. Unfortunately not all sellers source their crystals from ethical places, as people try to compete with low prices. 

Booth at The Munich Show 2019
Therefore it is important to us to be completely transparent with where we source our crystals that we sell here on Silverfern Crystals. At this moment, our crystals are being bought wholesale from sellers that we have met through trade shows such as The Munich Show Mineral Expo. Our sources include Uruguay, Brazil, India and China. 

We always make a point to ask where the crystals come from that are carved and polished and most often the crystals are sold by the miners and gem cutters themselves which is of course amazing news! We also keep all of the business cards and receipts to be able to check at a later time where the mines are etc. as much as possible.
As our relationships with sellers and miners are based on trust, unless one goes to the mines themselves and sees the process with their own eyes, truly knowing where your crystals are from can not be guaranteed in any shop (even if they say otherwise. Pictures can be forged, we have heard of instances where wholesale sellers reuse images of mines to appear more ethical). Therefore, everyone can and should do the best in their own capacity to inquire and make an effort to understand more about ethical mining. Making an effort to working towards more ethical mining and more transparent working conditions is certainly a goal of us, and many other crystal shops. 
If you do have any questions about a crystal and it’s source, please do not hesitate at all to contact us directly at

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Product Questions

Am I receiving the exact crystals pictured?

Yes! Unless stated otherwise in the product description, all crystals shown are the one's you will receive

Are the crystals ethically sourced?

Yes! All crystals are ethically sourced, for more information head here

Can you source crystals for me?

Yes! For inquiries on special orders or sourcing select crystals, please contact us or use the contact form below

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What if an order arrives damaged?

Please contact us in case this happens. All orders are insured, so if something does ever arrived damaged we will get this sorted. However, please keep in mind that crystals are naturally formed structures that may have slight imperfections

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