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Silverfern Crystals

Black Moonstone Palmstone BMP8

Black Moonstone Palmstone BMP8

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Unlock the mysteries of the night sky with Black Moonstone. This unique gem features a deep, velvety hue and an iridescent shimmer that mirrors the beauty of moonlit nights. Enjoy the subtle energy of Black Moonstone in your home, boosting intuition and connecting you to the cosmic flow of life. Its captivating charm invites you to explore the stars, making it a divine companion on your spiritual journey.

Discover the vibrant folklore encasing Black Moonstone. A gem entwined in antiquity and mystery, moonstone has been honoured as a symbol of feminine divinity, insight, and a sacred bond with the moon's cycle. Especially revered is Black Moonstone, associated with fresh starts and unseen forces that lead transitions. Its mystical history is replete with tales of its ability to augment and unearth the supernatural, the arcane. Award your collection with the beauty of Black Moonstone and immerse in its antique mystique, strengthening your spiritual voyage.




Black Moonstone


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Ethically Sourced

Ethically sourced from Madagascar

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