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Rainbow Ammonite Fossil OAF1

Rainbow Ammonite Fossil OAF1

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Introducing our Rainbow Ammonite Fossil, a beautiful specimen echoing the ancient allure of Earth's primordial seas. Ammonite fossils, the remnants of an extinct group of marine mollusks known as ammonoids, date back over 400 million years, thriving in oceans worldwide until their extinction around 66 million years ago.

These remarkable creatures, with their spiral shells reminiscent of modern-day nautiluses, are revered for their intricate beauty and scientific significance. Each fossil, meticulously preserved over millions of years, showcases vibrant iridescence, reminiscent of a kaleidoscope of colors dancing across its spiral chambers.



approx. 5-6cm


Natural Ammonite Fossil


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Ethically Sourced

Ethically sourced from China



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