Custom Spell


Book a custom spell for Ella Harrison, author of the bestselling The Book of Spells, to perform. This service allows you to: 

- Discuss the spell and results you desire

- Receive pictures and videos of the spell when done

- Discuss questions you may have prior to conducting your spell

THIS IS PAID SPELLWORK. If you would like Ella to discuss and help you to create your own spell for you to perform yourself, please book the Spell Advice service

This service includes

- A 30min consultation to discuss the spellwork

- The ingredients + spellwork

- Picture of the concluded spellwork

Appointments are conducted over Zoom and is for 30min

You will receive an email from Ella within 24h of booking to set up a zoom meeting for this service. Feel free to include any information you already wish to share in the notes at checkout.


Legal Disclaimer: I will never answer questions regarding legal matters, medical matters, illegal activities, gambling, domestic violence or other forms of violence  or anyone's death. I am in no way being held accountable for your decisions or the results of this spellworking. This spellwork falls under entertainment category. By booking, you understand that this is a non-refundable service.

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