CRYSTALS 101 // Basics + Cleansing and Charging

The purest most perfect structure on earth. They have been used for thousands of years and can be found in cultures all around the globe to this day. Even watchmakers today recognize their vibrational properties.
The Universe is made up of vibrations, creating everything as we know it. Many people acknowledge the vibration of for example music, and that it has both a physical and an emotional effect on us. Whilst I am no scientist, and this is merely a thought, I do believe that the vibrations of a crystal are essentially the same as any other vibrations, capable of affecting us on a physical and emotional level. It is up to us to utilize this knowledge.

"Magic is just science we don't understand yet" - Arthur C. Clarke

So whilst there are hundreds and thousands of crystals on this earth (and in our galaxy as a few planets have been found that are covered or even made up of crystals), my main focus is the Clear Quart Crystal. This is the most common crystal, hence highly accessible and great for beginners - and advanced Wiccans and Witches! As my favorite crystal, I cannot emphasize enough how awesome this crystal is for healing and energy exchanges. In case you are looking for your own Clear Quartz, I recommend you have a look in my Shop!

Cleansing your Crystals

This should always be your first step after receiving a new crystal, as Crystals can absorb surrounding energies with time, and who doesn't like a good energy cleanse every once in a while? There are a few different techniques on how to do this, with the simplest being to wash your crystal under some freshwater, preferably from a natural source such as a river stream or the ocean. Urban Wiccans and Witches do not fret! You can also simply use some tap water mixed with a bit of salt or Moon Water* to cleanse your crystals! However, be cautious as some crystals are not at all water-friendly. If you are unsure, I have made a downloadable file for you with the most common crystals that should stay away from liquids! 
With all the types of cleanses, it is important to visualize a bright white or silver light going through your crystal, cleansing it from all the stagnated energies that there may be.
Another method is the vibrational cleanse, using your own singing voice, singing bowls, etc to cleanse your crystals. And don't be shy to sing around your crystals, they won't judge, it is the intention that counts after all!
Then there, of course, is Incense or Sage with which you can cleanse your crystals, but be cautious as not to set anything, or yourself, on fire! Simply hold your crystal in the smoke for a few seconds to a minute. This may not be ideal for everyone, especially if you are sensitive to smoke, or live in a shared room - or are still a closet with. 
*Moon Water is Water that has been sitting under the Full Moonlight for a night, soaking up all that Moon energy. The water could be tap water or natural water, mixed with a bit of salt.

Charging your crystals

One of the most common and easiest forms is Moonlight charging (this technique simultaneously cleanses your crystals, making it even more popular). This is done during a full moon (even if it is cloudy, the Moon's energy will do her magic!) and all you need to do is leave your crystals on a window sill or even outside on your balcony or garden to soak up all the Moon goodness overnight! Whilst definitely the easiest, of course, you don't have a Full Moon every night, so do check for the Moon-phases to stay up to date.
Another technique is again: visualization! Instead of visualizing a bright light ‘cleaning’ your crystal, imagine a bright light filling your crystal. This can also be done with an intention in mind, or a specific purpose that you might have for the crystal - this step is called ‘Programming’. I will write a blog post on Crystal Programming, so look out for that if you are interested!


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